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Michael has his studio on Vancouver Island and like many Canadians has travelled the length and breadth of this vast country by whatever means possible, car, dog sled, floatplane, ski-doo, airline, ferry, power-boat, bus, tram, cable-car, dragger, skis and good old trusty boots. One thing is absolutely certain, he will never see it all.



Forget everything you have seen or read in the media, none of it is real, all fabrications to fulfil a stereotype that no longer exists. The only way to understand and experience modern Russia is to go and live there. That is exactly what Michael did. It changed his life and Colours of Russia was born.

Michael Hockney's


There is no question, Scotland, for Michael, retains the most beautiful and challenging landscape to be found anywhere in the World. It remains the photographers favourite destination after 30 years behind the lens and having visited countless countries.

Michael Hockney's


Hockney has made many essays in Taiwan and extensively travelled the island country under the exclusive authority of The Government Information Office. This allowed visits to the remote islands of Lanyu and Penghu as well as the militarized fortress of Kinmen. "The Door Gods" became a Kodak Canada Professional Division Exhibition.

"We have abandoned traditional photography for the easy-fix digitally manipulated and enhanced image. This isn't photography, it's the craft of pixel manipulation. So do I stand on a pedestal and preach, no. I use the new generation of imaging tools to capture the same subtleties of light and emotion as I have always done. I leave the rest to my trusty Fujifilm algorithms."

Michael Hockney, January 2019

images from the upcoming book

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