Commissioned Work
Corporate and Private Commissions Worldwide

Taiwan 1998 with Christian Lloyd Bell

GIO Government Information Office, Media Pass, Taiwan

Michael has completed many corporate and government commissions around the World based from his studio in British Columbia, Canada. There have been many notable achievements. Commissions have ranged from prestigious corporate year end reports and calendars to being sourced to produce an Edinburgh Festival Fringe exhibition for Armand Hammer. The photographer was specially commissioned by ELF and Occidental to document the construction of the Piper Bravo Oil Production platform from the first welds to a record breaking lift of the topsides in mid ocean. With a 4 billion pound budget this engineering mega project necessitated a world class photographic experience to match. There are no second chances when thousands of tons and billions dangle on a single hook. Michael was there, in the crane cabin, to capture the largest single lift in history.

1 Days shooting, Fuji G617, Fuji GW690, Nikon F4, St Petersburg, Russia.

Sourced for his unique panoramic style and artistic vision, Michael has completed several major tourism campaigns, corporate calendars, social documentary exhibition essays as well as books. Most notable was the World Tourism Campaign for Labrador which subsequently won many awards for the client, Destination Labrador. This was a gruelling shoot in extreme conditions which left the Photographer and crew with frostbite as well as being stranded for 8 days in remote coastal wilderness. Grit and perseverence were the order of the day . Michael was subsequently contracted to produce a 16 city tourism promotion in the United Kingdom for The Government of Nova Scotia based on the accolades of Destination Labrador and the social documentary and stunning landscapes within The Heather Isles (Harper Collins).

Michael Hockney, Russia 2007

Michael offered his services to The Government of Taiwan to uniquely document modern Taiwan for a World audience and in partnership with Kodak Professional, "The Door Gods"exhibition was born. A shot like no other, where no life experience could prepare him for what resulted. Photographing a President to nearly being washed away in a dam burst. In all cases Michael thrives in capturing critical moments in difficult, hostile or challenging environments. Using Fuji Professional cameras and Nikon equipment Michael has been able to get images in a minus 52C windchill to securing photographs in plus 40C jungles and under gunpoint. In every case the client has been presented with extraordinary pictures and Michael's unique perspective.

Taiwan 1998

The photographer works on the basis of a non-negotiable daily rate for small commissions of 1-5 days, thereafter the body of work is considered a project and overall commission rates are set by individual negotiation. Michael is often prepared to shoot editorial pictures in North America for expenses plus his normal reproduction fees. Michael retains copyright of all commissioned works as the sole originator, rights are assigned.

For overseas commissions Michael is willing to work with the client to give one or two extra days as gratis to compensate for travel time, visa and related additional expenses. For details on all commissions please email Michael's manager, Anastasia Lisitsyna who can talk with you in Russian, English, German and Italian. A full studio and location rates schedule is available on request to qualified individuals. In the interests of photographers and artists worldwide the studio does not post its rates publicly.

Contracts are finalized by The Studio's commercial manager and specialist international legal advisor, through Hicon Consulting Corporation n Victoria BC.

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