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Studios in London UK and Vancouver Island

May 2018- 16 Countries, 60 destinations, a PBY Catalina's journey of re-discovery

Once in a blue moon someone says they are going to do something.

My friends, may I introduce Canadian photographer Tim Nunn and The Faces Group. He did something.

This man delivers photography with heart. Currently based in Chiapas

his work is cutting edge in capturing life of indigenous peoples in Mexico and Latin America.

Celebrating Estelle Winters from Sputnik and Voice of Russia




December 29th 2015, Sidney BC looking to today's earthquake epicentre

August 1st 2014- The Studio of Italian photographer, Vito Fusco, joins The Studio of Michael Hockney in a creative alliance to forward
a host of ambitious photographic projects.

Portrait of Michael Hockney by Vito Fusco, Italy, July 2014

Positano: "A sky full of stars" time lapse from Vito Fusco on Vimeo
Spent some time with Vito at his Positano studio.

absolutely brilliant performance

BBC London, April 2014

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On Location- London April 2014

March 2014- Currently on location in Madrid, Spain

Michael Hockney, Village Bay, Hirta

Colours of Uruguay

Colours of Argentina

Colours of Chile

Michael Hockney a contributor to Think Russia

Colours of Libya

Voice of Russia Interview July 2011

Colours of Russia 747

The Father of Taiwan Democracy, Lee Teng-hui, Michael Hockney and bodyguards on location 1998, top left